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Stormy Weather

Thunderstorms are a concern during spring, potentially causing electrical problems such as power surges. Lightning strikes, if close and strong enough, can lead to power surges. Additionally, these storms often bring strong winds and heavy rainfall, which can topple trees and disrupt electrical equipment, posing the risk of electrical fires.

Pest Intrusions

As wildlife returns with the changing season, it can sometimes create issues with your electrical systems. Pests like rodents (possums, mice, and rats) may chew on wires or seek shelter and make nest near or in electrical equipment, leading to power outages or electrical fires.

Water-Related Hazard

Springtime in Geelong can bring rain and storms that increase the risk of leaks and floods. Water intrusion into electrical equipment and wiring is a concern as it can elevate the current running through wires, potentially causing electrical shocks and fires.

Staying Safe in Spring

While it’s important not to be overly alarmed, taking precautions can help keep you safe during spring. Regularly check and maintain your Aircon systems by clearing filters, ducts, and vents of dust and debris. Ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order and that your fire extinguisher is functional.

Additionally, knowing who to turn to in case of an electrical emergency is crucial. If you’re in Geelong and encounter electrical issues, rely on Clutterbuck Electrical, your trusted local electrical contractor, to ensure your safety and keep your electrical systems running smoothly this spring.

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