Your Friendly and Professional Electrician

Clutterbuck Electrical is your leading source for exceptional electrical work for all of your commercial needs. Regardless of whether you need to set up an appointment for electrical installation work in your new business space or you are ready to make a few upgrades throughout your building, you can expect our well-trained electricians to diligently meet your needs and to provide impressive results. We are a proud member of Master Electricians Australia, so we always strive for excellence.

Quality Service for Commercial Fit-Outs

If you have constructed your own commercial property or if you are renovating a building before moving your operations to a new location, you understandably need to ensure that lighting, electrical wiring, cables and more are located in the most optimal locations throughout the structure. We provide professional fit-out service for commercial office space, warehouses, retail spaces and more. When you entrust us with this important job, you can expect us to deliver results that improve the functionality of your new business space.

Improving Existing Infrastructure

Our electrical services for commercial properties may also be used to improve your existing infrastructure. You may have noticed that the wiring or light fixtures are not located in the most ideal space for your current needs. Perhaps you need to update the lighting with dimmers, sensors, timers or automation devices. You may want to upgrade to energy-saving LED fixtures. In addition to providing you with fast, quality service for these updates, we can also update the metering for multiple occupancy situations. Our electrical services may also be used for telephone, network and data cabling. Our electrical team is available to respond quickly to requests for service, so contact us today for an appointment. Click here to read more about our Commercial Maintenance Services

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