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Improve Your Home’s safety with an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

At Clutterbuck Electrical, we know how important it is for our customers to have full access to a quality electrical system. Unfortunately, many homes in the area have electrical switchboards that do not comply with the latest Australian Electrical Standards. This can result in insufficient access to electricity, extensive wear on your home’s appliances and electronics, and even safety concerns. Our electricians can make switchboard upgrades Geelong to address these situations properly.

Signs It Is Time for an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

Are you wondering if your home’s electrical switchboard needs to be upgraded? The best time to schedule an upgrade with our licensed electricians is at the first sign of trouble. These are signs that an electrical switchboard upgrade may be needed in your home.

Short Circuits

Older switchboards that use replaceable fuses and wires are far more likely to short-circuit. This is a fire and safety hazard. Whether you have noticed short-circuiting or you know that your switchboard has outdated features, an upgrade may be in order.

Insufficient Supply of Power

Today’s home appliances and electronics use more energy, and today’s homes may have more of these items. Older switchboards simply do not provide enough power to handle all of these items. Tripped fuses and flickering lights may be common if your switchboard is insufficient to meet your needs.

Not Enough Safety Switches

Depending on the age of your switchboard, it may have no safety switches or an insufficient number. These switches enable you to restore full power as needed and to reduce power when necessary.

Lack of Space

If your switchboard does not have space available for the addition of new circuits, it may be overloaded. In addition to being insufficient to accommodate your home’s changing electrical needs, a crowded switchboard can be a safety hazard.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can indicate a number of things, including an overloaded switchboard, an insufficient supply of power and even loose wires. This is a sure sign that your home’s electrical system should be inspected by a licensed electrician.

Melted Fuses

Whether your fuses are black or melted, this is a sign that the switchboard is overheating. This presents a serious fire hazard. Avoid touching the fuses, and contact an electrician for immediate service if your switchboard’s fuses are dark or melted.

Tripped Circuits

If you have added more appliances to your home or upgraded your appliances over the years, your switchboard may not supply enough power for your home’s needs. If your circuits are frequently tripped, it may be time for an electrical switchboard upgrade.

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Are you wondering if you need an electrical switchboard upgrade? At Clutterbuck Electrical, we are proud to be your trusted source for all of your electrical system’s needs. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about switchboard upgrades Geelong.

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