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Whether you operate a school or you own another type of commercial property, you must be aware of and comply with all relevant safety regulations. In addition to helping you avoid non-compliance issues, your efforts are essential for the safety of employees, customers, students or others who are in the building at the time of an emergency. Emergency and exit lighting play a crucial role in your property’s safety plan, and this is one aspect of property ownership and occupancy that is regulated.

Emergency and Exit Lighting for Your Commercial Property

Specifically, industrial facilities, schools, retail shops, restaurants and other commercial properties must comply with Australian Standards AS2293 (AS/NZS 2293.2). This regulation specifically states that lighting must be installed that directs individuals safely out of a building in an emergency situation. More than that, the exit and emergency light system must be attached to a backup power source and must be tested regularly.

Reliable Exit and Emergency Light Testing in Geelong

To maintain compliance with the regulation, exit and emergency light testing in Geelong should be completed every six months. This system works by automatically switching to a backup power source and lighting exits for at least 90 minutes on that source. The emergency and exit light testing service ensures that the system will function properly using backup power in the event that it is needed. The testing must be completed by a qualified electrician in Geelong who is appropriately trained to perform this important task.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Maintenance

The time to identify an issue with your property’s exit and emergency lighting system is before the system is needed. Regular testing completed every six months as required will help you to identify the need for specific exit and emergency lighting maintenance services. Your licensed electrician in Geelong will determine if any special services are required or recommended, and the electrician can complete those services to your satisfaction. By doing so, you can keep your exit and emergency lighting system in compliance with established regulations.

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