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Home Automation

Imagine controlling everything from your home’s lighting system and security camera to its entryways and climate control systems through one platform. Home automation solutions are now available that produce this experience for homeowners in Geelong and beyond. By integrating all of these systems, you can enjoy an improved living experience and superior control over crucial lifestyle systems in your home.

Heating and Cooling

Maintaining a comfortable environment in your Geelong home is easier to do through home automation. Your home’s heating and cooling system can be integrated by a home automation electrician to give you control remotely. In fact, you may be able to control the temperature in your home through a remote control, your smart device or another feature. This could be the same device that you use to control your home’s other essential systems.

Keyless Entry

You no longer need to use a physical key to enter your home. Home automation specialists can install a keyless entry system that grants access to your home through a PIN, a fingerprint scan or another identifying factor. This access may be for all doors to your home, including the garage door. It could even control access to your gate. Even if you are not at home, you can conveniently grant entry to a delivery driver, a houseguest or someone else as desired.

CCTV Security Cameras

A CCTV security camera provides live footage of your property, and this enhances safety and deters crime. Home automation installers can link your security camera to your automated system to give you remote access to your camera’s controls and footage. By doing so, you can enjoy a higher level of home security even when you are away from the house.

Intelligent Lighting

Indoor lighting affects everything from functionality and security to mood and more. Intelligent lighting enables you to easily control which lights are on at any given time. Light color and intensity can also be adjusted via a connected device. Whether you want to turn all of the lights off before you go to bed or you want to adjust a few lights for safety while you are away from the house, home automation makes this a reality for you.

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