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Your property’s electrical system plays a direct role in energy consumption and property safety. Assuming that this critical system is in great condition can be risky, and a better idea is to schedule an energy and safety audit with our electricians so that you can learn about its true condition from our experienced and well-trained team.

The Benefits of an Energy and Safety Audit

Our audit service can be completed annually, and it provides you with exceptional benefits. For example, it includes a visual and thermal imaging inspection of the switchboard to identify potential issues. Our audit service also includes a safety review of power outlets, light fixtures, wiring, light switches and other similar features. We will also test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries. Our audit service can be tailored to suit your needs based on special features in your home. Our company is a member of Master Electricians Australia, and we are dedicated to completing a quality audit with attention to detail.

Learn About the Condition of Your Home’s Electrical System Soon

You may be one of many homeowners in Geelong or surrounding communities who have never scheduled an energy and safety audit, or it may have been years since your last audit. You can see that an audit can provide you with valuable information about the condition of your property. You cannot afford to leave the condition of your home’s electrical system to chance. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an audit.

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