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Policy Version – 1.4
Date – August 1st, 2020

At Clutterbuck Electrical, we are doing everything in our control to carry out our professional services in a manner that complies with current health and safety obligations and addresses all of the current enforcements.

Please advise that our goal is to ‘Mitigate Risk and Reduce Fear’ for our clients and our team. This policy will be treated as an amendment and will be regularly updated on our website via this page. Please refer to this page for the most current version of our COVID-19 policy.

We appreciate that regardless of the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a need for professional services. Therefore we strive to adapt our delivery and approach using the methods that follow.

Reduce or remove face-to-face transactions

At Clutterbuck Electrical, we recognise that it is in the interest of all parties involved for us to reduce or entirely remove the traditional face-to-face transaction model that we have always practised.

Here is how we plan on doing so:


As per usual, all bookings will be confirmed via telephone.

For the safety of our service technicians and to make an educated called on the priority of the electrical work required, some of the following question will be asked:

Please note, on every booking and ever site visit you will be asked the following questions:

  1. Have you travelled abroad in the last 20 days?
  2. Have you any cold or flu symptoms?
  3. Have you had any exposure to anyone that has been either suspected or confirmed of carrying the COVID-19 virus?
  4. Are you currently waiting on results for tests or under quarantine for COVID-19?
  5. Have you read our COVID-19 policy?

Site visits

The nature of our business involves our technicians attending to your location(s) for installation and repair related work on your electrical services.
With that in mind, we have implemented policy and trained our team diligently on the best way to carry out these transactions.

Attending site and internal works

  • Where viable, our office team will liaise with our clients to get keys or access cards for their location(s).
  • If our technicians have to be given access to the site, they will call the nominated person from location, letting them know they have arrived.
  • Where possible, our technicians will remain outside, communicating with the client via phone call, therefore reducing face-to-face transactions.
  • Where our technician is required to enter the premises, they will follow the following precautions:
    • They will wear a facemask.
    • They will wear disposable gloves.
    • They will be caring a spray bottle with disinfectant spray and a clean cloth to wipe down every surface they come in contact with before and after work.
    • They will maintain a 1.5m distance from occupants at all times.
    • They will clean up and disinfect their work area thoroughly on completion.
    • It will also be asked of the clients to have all doors required to complete the work be opened prior to work commencing and remain open for the duration.
    • IT will be asked of the clients that the work space is clear of personal items and furniture before arrival

For external works

  • Our technicians will attend to your site call from outside to gain external access (through gates, etc.)
  • Any necessary communications will take place via a phone call between either the client and the technician directly, or the client and our office directly.
  • Photographs and video will be taken and uploaded to the project file, which can be shared with you on request.
  • Wherever possible, our technicians will thoroughly disinfect the area they have been working in and surrounding areas.
  • A complete service report and certification will be sent to you on completion via email for your records. It will also be attached to the project folder as a central depositary for your documentation.

Work Health & Safety

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

All SWMS will be modified and created to incorporate COVID-19 best practice. These documents can also include any requirements at your end.

Compliance certification

If your project requires compliance certification, it will be delivered via email. If a physical copy is needed, we will store a record in our office that can be sent to you on request.

Our commitment to you

We appreciate that it’s our responsibility to be sending out technicians or team members to your home that are fit and healthy to not put anyone at potential risk. Here are the measures that we are taking:

Travel policy

Any of our staff that has been abroad within the last 30 days will not be attending any client premises.

Regular screening & health checks

  • Daily checks.
  • All of our staff, both office and field, are taking a digital survey in our office which assesses the following areas:
    • Temperature via their own sterilised thermometer
    • Symptom checker
    • Respiratory assessment
    • General health analysis
  • Social behaviour assessment (who they’ve been seeing)
  • Twice-daily checks
    • Staff temperature readings are recorded and logged every day at 12pm. This is non-negotiable and has been set up as an automated alert for every team member. All results are stored in a monitored spreadsheet.

Education and training

  • Every morning at our office, we conduct a documented meeting which outlines any announcements that need to be considered, as well as providing an opportunity for any of our team members to voice any concerns they may have.
  • Every day, we train our team on a different scenario that needs to be navigated as a potential health risk.

General compliance

Here are some general guidelines that our team has been trained to exercise, both on-site and with their work and social circles.

  • No handshaking
  • No hugging of physical contact
  • If you don’t feel 100%, don’t come to work
  • Carry company hand sanitizer at all times
  • Carry company disinfectant spray and wipes in their toolbox
  • No sharing tools unless it has been properly disinfected
  • Carry company facemasks at all times
  • ZERO smoking policy remains
  • ZERO drugs and alcohol policy remains
  • Reduce surface contact where possible with hard surfaces like benchtops, etc
  • Enforce social distancing by maintaining at least 1.5m between others

Your commitment to us

Please note that we have empowered our team to make judgement calls in scenarios that they deem unsafe or compromising. In this instance, our office will communicate the situation to you directly for your attention.

We ask that you offer the same level of respect and understanding in these uncertain times that we commit to offering you. The safety of our team is of the utmost importance, so when we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines.

As mentioned above, on every booking and every site visit, you will be asked the following questions:

  1. Have you travelled abroad in the last 20 days?
  2. Have you any cold or flu symptoms?
  3. Have you had any exposure to anyone that has been either suspected or confirmed of carrying the COVID-19 virus?
  4. Are you currently waiting on results for tests or under quarantine for COVID-19?
  5. Have you read our COVID-19 policy?

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during these unprecedented times. As you can see, we’ve thought long and hard about this situation, and we’re doing everything within our power to deliver our professional services as safely as possible.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, you can email us at or contact us via phone 0414538394.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Clutterbuck
Clutterbuck Electrical

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